Evaluation of Manuscript Review Program
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Please complete one evaluation form for each manuscript review. 

Learning Objectives:

Through the manuscript peer review process for CID, JID, or OFID, you should be able to:

  • Integrate new discoveries or observations in infectious disease research that can be applied in your work
  • Use information resources that improve your ability to treat patients or to conduct research in infectious diseases
  • Identify articles that provide relevant, new data about infectious diseases that could result in additional knowledge
  • Apply new information that could result in improved healthcare outcomes
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agree
1. The learning objectives were met through participation in the review process.
2. This review process prompted me to critically review existing literature.
3. The review process prompted me to synthesize the existing literature with the contents of the proposed manuscript.
4. This review prompted me to identify strengths of an areas needing improvement in the proposed manuscript.
5. Participating in the review process improved my understanding of the chosen diagnostic and/or therapeutic technique(s).