Section 3: Educating and Coaching on Antimicrobial Stewardship (Self Study)

Content in this section is available through 4 communication skills eLearning scenarios. These include:

  • Educating and Coaching on AS - Deference to Seniority
  • Educating and Coaching on AS - De-escalation and the Outlier Prescriber 
  • Educating and Coaching on AS - Overly Broad Empiricism
  • Educating and Coaching on AS - Pediatric Telehealth

When you are ready to begin:

Ideally, you will begin by reading a brief primer on AS-related communication skills and behavioral psychology.

Next, complete the eLearning modules, starting with,  "Deference to Seniority" first.  

This section also contains a NARROWS mnemonic and reference pocket card to help you structure and remember AS communication skills to positively influence the prescribing habits of others. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this section, you will be able to:

  • Explain key behavioral psychology concepts that influence antimicrobial prescribing
  • Propose effective techniques to change antimicrobial prescribing practices
  • Use provider education techniques to effect change in antimicrobial prescribing
  • Demonstrate communication skills to influence antimicrobial prescribing habits of others

NOTE: Because this curriculum was initially designed specifically for fellows, you may hear repeated reference to "fellows", "stewards in training" or "fellows/trainees".

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