Unit 1: Philosophy of Leadership

Learners investigate preconceived notions of leadership, develop an understanding of emotional intelligence, apply powerful coaching frameworks, and consider strategies that foster a culture of wellness.

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Included modules:

  • What Type of Leader Are You?
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Engine that Powers Your Leadership
  • Leaders as Coaches: Empowering Others for Success
  • Leaders as Coaches: The Coach Approach in Medicine
  • Joy in Work
  • Making Wellbeing Contagious

Learning Objectives

Learners will be able to:

  • Define emotional intelligence ("EI" or "EQ")
  • List the four core skill domains of EI
  • Analyze the impact of EI on leadership
  • Assess your EI using the provided self-assessment
  • Analyze your EI strengths ("superpowers") and weaknesses
  • Reflect on specific EI skills to improve your leadership
  • Describe elements of well-being
  • Identify strategies that foster a culture of well-being
  • List the benefits of using a coach approach
  • Explain the G.R.O.W. framework
  • Describe the difference between mentoring and coaching
  • List common leadership theories.
  • List common leadership styles.
  • Identify effective leadership styles based on needs and underlying competencies.
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